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Vision is essential.  All markets have their opportunities.  The ability to seek out and capitalize on opportunity is a learned skill. Constant vigilance of the business horizon is an exciting and rewarding occupation and, one that is only mastered through years of devoted practice. The ability to recognize trends and from that recognition, to extrapolate a viable and innovative business plan is essential to continued growth and diversification.  ScoFamCo constantly scans this horizon for exciting and new venues for investment and business growth.

Vision is nothing without follow through. The courage and determination to see a project to fruition.  With careful planning and the ability to see problems as challenges to be over come; this is the stuff from which dreams are made.


Project Management skills.  To revisit, update, innovate, and renew.  So many businesses and processes fail due to lack of over sight.  They wither and die on the vine without a nurturing hand to tend to the elimination of old outmoded practices and the implementation of new processes that invigorate and breath new life into them. Attention to these details is what allows business to grow and expand.  New markets, acquisitions, and research and development cycles must be maintained to keep these dreams alive and vital.  Such work requires, discipline, strength and the willingness to take calculated risk.

ScoFamCo stands for Scott Family Company.  This alone defines a dedication to moral and ethical values of business.  To treat everyone as family to be respected and appreciated and yet where each one is counted upon to perform and strive to do his best.  When one member succeeds, we all benefit.

Through business venue diversification ScoFamCo is forging a path to a secure a future of  strength and growth.  To implement a number of different businesses, in a number of different arenas, we are building a portfolio of productive investments that allow us to move in multiple directions.  The old model of ‘stick to what you know’  is sound, but too limiting for today’s expanding and sometimes volatile business markets.    We say, “Know where to grow”, is a better outlook.  This includes knowing when to let go of a downward spiraling business and move on to the uplining trend.  Research, combined with flexibility, will allow for  agility.

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Follow Through
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